Lightness and performance

Imagined and developed around the EFFIGEAR gearbox, the CAVALERIE  bikes are dreadfully affective machines which will made you rediscover the simple pleasure of Mountain Biking

Trough the innovative EFFIGEAR gearbox, our bikes offer the best of transmission :


  • The gearbox in bath oil offers a reliability without defect and needs little of maintains.

  • The gear change becomes fluid and instant, during the pedalling or in the stay.

  • The drive is directly integrated into the gearbox with 48 engagement per rotation, for more reactivity during the pedalling.

  • Placed at the level of the drive, the EFFIGEAR gearbox allows the design of a bike with a low center of gravity, a token of stability and manageability.

  • The drive and swingarm bearing allow an advantage of weight significant.

  • The EFFIGEAR gearbox allows to get a bike with an augmented ground clearance compared to a traditional transmission

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