Enduro answer to our thirst for adventure and sensations on a bike.

Whether in competition or between friends, the Anakin meets the expectations of this practice: efficient suspension, pedaling performance, no pumping, lightness and solidity.

The short bases offer a maximum dynamics, a low crank axle for stability, a long length of top tube for pedaling comfort and a steering angle closed for performance on downhill.

With the
EFFIGEAR gearbox, the Anakin makes it possible to ride in all serenity with all the advantages already present on our models DH and Freeride.

  • Anakin frame (3 years warranty)

  • 9 speeds EFFIGEAR gearbox (5 years warranty)

  • Shifter

  • Cranks

  • Fixed rearhub (142 x 12 mm)

  • Chain transmission (belt in option)

  • Rear shox (216 x 63,5 mm)

  • Hope headset and seat collar.

  • 160 mm travel

  • Rear shox

  • Seatpost 31.6 mm

  • Headtude tapered

  • 180 mm Postmount standard

  • Broche 142 x 12 mm

  • Aluminium 7020