The trail is the type of bike whom every rider should possess, because its big asset is the versatility.

Anatrail is in so the bike archetypal passkey. Conceived on the same bases as his older brother, Anakin, he inherits from his capacities of descender. But thanks to its clearance of 140mm and its wheels in 29", Anatrail is a climber who can face any slope.

Anatrail is also equipped and conceived around the gearbox Effigear. It so enjoys a transmission in the reliability and in the optimal efficiency for the practice of the mountain bike.

  • AnaTrail frame (3 years warranty)

  • 9 speeds EFFIGEAR gearbox (5 years warranty)

  • Shifter

  • Cranks

  • Fixed rearhub (142 x 12 mm)

  • Chain transmission (belt in option)

  • Rear shox (216 x 63,5 mm)

  • Hope headset and seat collar.

  • 135 mm travel

  • Rear shox

  • Seatpost 31.6 mm

  • Headtude tapered

  • 180 mm Postmount standard

  • Broche 142 x 12 mm

  • Aluminium 7020