Freeride is a style requiring a fun, efficient and reliable bike.


Like on the Falcon, short chainstay length, long wheelbase and low bottom bracket make it a stable and handy bike. Its headtube angle at 65° make it a perky . Thanks to the gearbox, weight is refocused to the middle of the bike, and unsprung wheight is reduce : Rear suspension gqin in eficienty, and the bike get an improved dynamic.


The Squirrel, a freeride/mini DH bike with 185mm travel provide a maximum of control in any situation allowing you to push your limits further and embark on new challenges.

  • Squirrel frame (3 years warranty)

  • 9 speeds EFFIGEAR gearbox (5 years warranty)

  • Shifter

  • Cranks

  • Fixed rearhub (135 x 12 mm)

  • Chain transmission (belt in option)

  • Rear shock (216 x 68 mm)

  • Hope headset and seat collar.

  • 185 mm travel

  • 216 x 63.5 mm rear shock

  • Seatpost 31.6 mm

  • Headtude 1.5/1.5"

  • Postmount standard

  • Broche 135 x 12 mm

  • Aluminium 7020