"A framework for three different practices"

"A bike for enthusiasts by enthusiasts"

Tom Donnadieu, designer of the Anakin

"The idea of this second version is to take the philosophy of the first bike and modernize it, with a more contemporary geometry and simple and powerful lines.

The tube sections have been changed, the toptube/shroud alignment, the mass machined rocker arm and the rear wheel tensioning system have been reworked to be more simple and intuitive.

Instead of an unusual geometry, we have chosen a classic riding position that allows you to be at ease when going downhill while having an excellent pedaling position. We really thought the Anakin to be as playful tas possible and above all fun to ride!

The Anakin V2 is, like its predecessor, a bike for enthusiasts designed by enthusiasts.

The bike has been designed to have short chainstays in 29", 27.5" or mule mount. Thanks to two different chainrings, and adjustable rear chainstays, the chainstays are adjustable over a range of 14mm.

As the bike is more permissive on the downhill, the seat has been lowered to the maximum, as well as the toptube for a minimum of discomfort on the slope. We also removed the IGUS bearings that ensure the pivot connections and replaced them with bearings. The goal is to obtain a sensitive, reactive suspension, offering more grip.

One of the big advantages of having the main pivot on the gearbox output is to be able to mount the bike with a belt. Chain mounting is also available. Similar to a fixie or dirt bike, the rear chainstays are adjustable over a 14mm range."

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