Cavalerie Bikes also takes care of
maintaining your bikes


(Mimic, Originale V2 and Originale)

Dismantling and reassembly of the gearbox 90€

Basic gearbox service 110

Emptying, dismantling for internal inspection, then reassembly with replacement of cables, sheaths and all seals (fixed price for dismantling and reassembly included in the price).

Complete gearbox service 140€

Basic overhaul service + bearings replacement

Replacement of cables and sheaths 45€

(Bikeyoke and Rock Shox only)

Basic service 60€

Dismantling, cleaning, checking clearances and replacing air seals

Complete service 100€

Dismantling, cleaning, checking clearances and replacing air and hydraulic seals

Cable replacement 10€

Cable and sheath replacement 15€

(Fox, Formula, Rock Shox, SR Suntour, Bos, Manitou, DVO, Ohlins)

Fork basic service 50h 80€

Disassembly of leg, cleaning, replacement of air seal kit (spinnaker)

Rear shock basic service 50h 80€

Clean air section, replace air seal kit

Fork complete service 200h 115€-150€ (depending on model, ask for a quote) 

Cleaning, replacement of air seals, replacement of hydraulic seals + purging of cartridge

Rear shock complete service 200h 110€-150€ (depending on model, ask for a quote) 

Cleaning, replacement of air seals, replacement of hydraulic seals + bleeding

Formula MOD preparation for Anakin V2 148€

- Modification of rebound valve train

- Compression block replacement (CTS)

This setting slows down the rebound and makes the compression more progressive and firmer at the end of the stroke.

Preparation includes complete shock absorber overhaul

Nb: Forks with closed cartridges and dampers with cylinders are machine purged (VACCUM).

(all brands)

Hydraulic brake bleeder 20€

Bleeding a pair of hydraulic brakes 35€

(Cavalerie Bikes Frames)

Anakin V2 frame service (bearings) 100€ 

Replacement of all frame bearings

Anakin V1, Falcon and Squirel frame service (igus bushings) 90€ 

Replacement of all the igus bushes on the frame

Greasing headset 10€ 

Dismantling, cleaning, greasing...

Replacement of complete headset 10€ + price of headset depending on model (ask for a quote)

Wheel unveiling 15€ 

Checking spoke tension and wheel centring with wheel stripping

Unveiling a pair of wheels25€ 

Wheel unveiling with spoke(s) replacement 20€ + spoke price 

Spoke tension and wheel centring check with wheel stripping + replacement of broken spokes (maximum 3)


What if certain parts not included in the overhaul packages have to be replaced during the inspection (outside the warranty)?

We will contact you to inform you of the additional cost.

For any workshop service not included in the above list?

Please contact us at dorian.pascal@effigear.com for a quotation.

NB: You are responsible for the outward carriage costs, and will be invoiced for the return carriage costs.

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